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An Unforgettable Wedding

For the most beautiful day of your life, you must strive for the very best.
The Grand Hotel Cesenatico is the maximum for your wedding. We can offer first class organization of every detail, high quality refined cuisine and a dream location will make you become the main characters of your extremely personal fairy tale.

A Wedding Day is a very special day when nothing must be overlooked.
Our wedding planner will be always at your complete disposal, before and during this memorable day.

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Attention to every details

Careful planning and experience guide us in the meticulous preparation of your reception. A "tailored" and personalized event

Customed food & services

Customized menus, designed to suit your needs.

Customized menu
Complete organisation
Request your free estimate
Monica +39 338 9691714
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Customed food & services

Customized menusdesigned to suit your needs.

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